This is a pretty special-case utility, but I happened to have a use for it, so maybe someone else will too. It’s released under GPL v2.

Basically, it’s a lightweight, non-caching, transparent HTTP proxy which relays through an upstream SOCKS4a server. It’s designed for Linux, but is fairly generic so should probably work on other UNIX OSes too.

It uses 1 thread per connection, and select() internally to do relaying in both directions. This also means it supports HTTP 1.1 features like chunked encoding, keep-alive, and pipelining.

Known limitation: It can’t currently handle HTTP connections to ports other than 80.

Download: transockproxy.c

To compile:
gcc -O2 -o transockproxy transockproxy.c -lpthread

To use:
./transockproxy <listen port> <socks server> <socks port>

For example, to listen on port 1888 and relay via a SOCKS4a server on
./transockproxy 1888 1080

You may also wish to redirect HTTP requests to it via iptables, via something like:
iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to 1888


Minecraft Downtime


Wow, the flood of “your page is down” mails is more than I expected.
As many of you noticed, my Minecraft page was down for a bit to transfer to a different domain registrar. I was previously with Go Daddy, but due to their supporting SOPA, I’ve transferred all my domains away.
Things shouldn’t be down for very long, but I’ll look into moving IceCream’s functionality over to Amazon S3 to prevent future downtimes.




No, sorry, this post isn’t about the armoured vehicles. It’s about the PHP cache type of APC.

I use it for my collection of sites, like this one, to help speed things up. Cheap server, needs all the help it can get. 😉

Anyhow, a while back, I wanted it to do a few things it couldn’t, so I grabbed the source and made some changes. I sent them to the first e-mail on their developers list, but I guess they weren’t interested since I never got a reply, and it didn’t show up in their SVN changelogs. So, I’m posting them here just in case anyone else wants them. (p.s. if the APC guys happen to read this, you’re still welcome to add them!)

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R.I.P. → Miia, 1989-2011 ← R.I.P.


I would say that we were more prepared than with Chris, but… even though we had known for months this day was approaching, one can never really be prepared. At least she died in peace, without too much suffering. It’ll be a lot lonelier without you, little sister.


Voice be Herd


One of my friends has opened a site, Voice be Herd, in support of her equine charity work.
She has some nice pictures and articles and a forum and stuff there.
If you’re interested in horses, go ahead and take a look. 🙂