Here are some assorted things I've made for The Sims 2. I started my modding career with Sims 1, but I doubt anyone would be interested in that even if I still have the files somewhere.

To install the .package files, just put them in "My Documents" ⇒ "EA Games" ⇒ "The Sims 2" ⇒ "Downloads"
To install the .Sims2Pack files, just double-click them.


Pale Skin
Anatomically-inclusive pale skin. Features nipples for both genders. Wow, you mean BOTH genders have them? Quick, someone call the ESRB!

Blue-White Skin
Anatomically-inclusive blue-white skin. Like the one just above this, but even more pale. Use this for your seriously goth or seriously dead sims, it looks totally unnatural.

Purple Eyes
Purple eyes. I've always found purple to be pretty.

Deep Crimson Eyes
Some nice crimson red eyes. Can't remember who I made these for, they were one of my first Sims 2 things.

Purple Hair
Purple hair. Like I said, I've always found purple to be pretty. I actually dyed my own hair purple once, but a lot of people got weirded out, so it hasn't turned standard for me. Each package has a recolour of a different style, so you can get both.

Gem-coloured Hair
Gem-coloured hair, based on the one with the tiara. From when I was making 3 elven royal sister sims. They didn't really turn out all that well unfortunately. Sapphire is the better of the two though.

Clothes (and lack thereof)

Get this: Some people are known to sleep naked. Or walk around the house naked. Or various other things. In certain countries, they even have nude beaches, and nudist colonies, where everyone does everything naked. And nobody gets all uptight and says how evil it is, either. Should you want your sim to do anything but shower naked, you can have her wear these "clothes" to do so. The first one is for adults, the second is for the young adults from the University expansion.

Maybe you're not a nudist, but you're from one of the many places which allows women -- like men -- to be topless in public. Or, maybe not in public, just in private. Well, here's a "top" (used with the seperate top and bottom outfit pieces thingy) which is, well, not a top. Let other sims admire your sim's pants. Yeah, that's where they'll be looking, sure.

Black Thong
Another striking realization. In some countries, or in private, some people wear thongs. Yep, there are places where you can do this in public too. Sometimes people wear a thong as part of a bikini, sometimes just the thong and nothing else. Should your sim wish to do any of these things, these outfits will help.

Packaged Sims

This is my self-sim. She doesn't look like me or anything, she's just what I play in the game. She's a bit like me, but prettier. Just a template sim so you can make her anything you want and play around.