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30 Aug 2006

Angels Club, Second Life

Mae's Days

Well, here’s something I didn’t expect to happen. In Second Life, I’m now a dancer in a club. If you play, here’s a SLurl to it. If not, please join through one of my referral links!

26 Aug 2006

AdSense Page Down

Site News

Google’s AdSense page was having issues, and causing this page not to load (the ad income counter at the top gets its info off their page). So I broke it apart into 2 pieces. Now this page always loads from the cached number, and a seperate task updates the number every 20 minutes from Google. So we shouldn’t have that problem again.

22 Aug 2006

Second Life

Mae's Days

Another MMO to the list in which I (occasionally) appear, Second Life. It isn’t like a normal MMO, more of a very complex chat system, but it’s kinda neat. You can create and modify objects yourself, with file uploads and a built-in scripting language. Also, it’s free, at least the basics.  🙂 If you play, look for Maeyanie Mosienko, that’s me.

19 Aug 2006


Site News

Not that this is likely to ever happen, but I’ve decided something. Should I ever make enough revenue from people clicking these ads to reach the payout amount, I’m donating half of it to a charity.

I’ll make a post at the time, and either have a poll, or take comments, on who should get the money. It’ll only be a charity I support, though — one supporting women’s rights.
I added a tracker at the top of the page which shows the income so far that day. It only updates every 20 minutes, but it’ll help show how much is being collected. Helps keep me honest! 🙂

16 Aug 2006

R.I.P. → Chris, 1988-2006 ← R.I.P.

Mae's Days

Somehow I knew that picture I posted of my cat a few days back would be the last. But not even precognition can prepare you for watching a sister for 18 years of a 25 year life die in your arms. Nothing can. At least she died at peace, surrounded by love. That’s all I can say. Rest in peace, Chris. Cirith Menelenna, Nîn Meleth.