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13 Aug 2006

Movie: Silent Hill

Mae's Days

So, today I watched Silent Hill. Great movie. Very well done. I haven’t played the game (though I’ve seen it at a friend’s place, and recognized a scene from the beginning), but don’t need to have done so to like it.

Just have to be willing to have some “OMG” moments, and some “eek” moments. :p
I guess guys (which I’m betting is most of you) are probably more resistant to that sort of thing than I am. But hey, whatever. It’s still one of very few movies where I haven’t cried in any part of it, and still say it’s good… and that isn’t often.

Oh, guess I should tell you guys about that. My normal opinion is that if I’m not in tears in any part of a movie, it’s probably not very good. But this is me, and I cried several places in Terminator. 😀 (Which yes, was a good movie.) So it doesn’t mean I only like sad movies, most good movies have that effect.