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13 Aug 2006

Movie: Silent Hill

Mae's Days

So, today I watched Silent Hill. Great movie. Very well done. I haven’t played the game (though I’ve seen it at a friend’s place, and recognized a scene from the beginning), but don’t need to have done so to like it.

Just have to be willing to have some “OMG” moments, and some “eek” moments. :p
I guess guys (which I’m betting is most of you) are probably more resistant to that sort of thing than I am. But hey, whatever. It’s still one of very few movies where I haven’t cried in any part of it, and still say it’s good… and that isn’t often.

Oh, guess I should tell you guys about that. My normal opinion is that if I’m not in tears in any part of a movie, it’s probably not very good. But this is me, and I cried several places in Terminator. 😀 (Which yes, was a good movie.) So it doesn’t mean I only like sad movies, most good movies have that effect.

12 Aug 2006

Mae’s Days

Mae's Days

Today I’m abandoned. No friends around. They all left. Nobody loves me. 🙁

Chris, on my bed.

Except my cat. One of my cats is sitting here on the bed behind me, loyal to the end. She loves me. At least it’s not all bad.

And I came up with a category for here, Mae’s Days. For just generally writing about stuff in my life. Like this. Writing to the abyss, I guess. After all, nobody cares enough to actually READ this. Heh.

11 Aug 2006

Proper Blog Script

Site News

So, I doubt anyone who read this before has actually come back, but if you have, you’ve noticed I’m using a proper blog script now. Before, it was just a hand-coded page which I intended to maintain by hand.

But, as happens to me, I end up wanting to do things properly, so I got myself a copy of WordPress and transferred the single article from the previous site over.

Now here we are. At some point I’ll probably migrate the theme to better match the rest of my site, but for now, this one isn’t too bad.

Before I’ll be bothered doing that, though, I guess I should actually write a few things… any requests? 🙂