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26 Oct 2006

New server!

Site News

I doubt anyone would notice if I didn’t say it, but I’ve moved to a new server. Unfortunately I can’t customize it as much as I could before, but it should be a LOT faster.

13 Oct 2006


Mae's Days

I’ve come across another site to share with both of you, Pandora. It’s the internet radio station for everyone. Just put in an artist or song you like, and it plays similar things, and can be trained to play exactly what you like. I found it got pretty good pretty fast.

12 Oct 2006

Colbert Report

Mae's Days

Today a friend mentioned to me that on American TV recently (2006-10-10 to be specific), the Colbert Report featured several big-name feminists as guests.

Naturally, I had to find a copy to watch. 🙂 Now, I don’t watch this show normally, so I don’t know what it’s usually like. But I have to say, he seemed unusually rude towards them, constantly cutting them off when they try to say something.

Maybe that’s normal for him… I dunno… or maybe it’s intentional, the show pretends to have a positive focus on women, then negates it by the host being rude and dominating towards them at the same time. All the same, the only part I really liked was watching him try to walk in high heels. 🙂

01 Oct 2006


Mae's Days

The person who’s probably my only loyal reader out there just pointed out that it’s been a long time since my last post. Yep, he’s right, it has. Especially since I posted anything meaningful. So, what have my days been filled with? Second Life mostly. What specifically? Well, some of that I’d rather not say, some of it you’d rather not hear… so let’s leave it at that. 😉 Feel free to come pay me a visit at my new home though!