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20 Nov 2006


Mae's Days

Another pause between posts. But this time, not only was I poked into writing, I was given a topic.

I mentioned in IRC a little while ago about my ’empire’ in SecondLife. A while back I went and bought myself a private island, Insula Inferi. I sold most of it to various people, and charge ‘property tax’ every month, which pays for the island’s upkeep plus a bit extra.

When Linden Labs announced it was increasing the price on new private islands, I took a jump and bought another 3 sims to add on to my island before that went into effect. (They haven’t been delivered as of writing this. LL says it’ll be a long time due to the huge number of orders.)

So, gradually my ’empire’ is growing. Maybe some day it’ll be something worth writing about. 😉