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And, we’re on a new server. Again. Sound familiar?

Previously, we were hosted with GoDaddy‘s shared Linux hosting. I would have to say, overall, it’s a very good deal. You get a lot of space and bandwidth for a very reasonable price, the servers are fast and have very good uptime, and the control panel is pretty straightforward.

The only problem I had (and the reason I had to switch) was that large files were mysteriously timing out and disconnecting, and occasionally a file would just give the HTML version of “try me again in 0.1 seconds.” Which is not very useful when the file being downloaded isn’t an HTML file! It’s quite possible it’s just the specific server I was on that had problems, unfortunately tech support was not very helpful.

So now, we’re hosted on HostMonster instead. Their deal isn’t quite as good, but they do offer more features (such as SSH access, really really useful!) and so far large files seem to be no problem.
If you’re looking for a webhost, both come with high scores from me. 🙂

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