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28 Mar 2007

On the subject…

Mae's Days

I should mention, since those are being compiled with the Intel C++ compiler, obviously, people with Intel processors will get the most benefit. Especially people with newer chips, such as Pentium 4, Pentium M, and Core 2 series chips. However, AMD processors will still benefit over the standard Microsoft compiler — in fact, some AMD benchmark results at SPEC are done with the Intel compiler.

Also, SL 1.14.0 is finally out, the result of months of FirstLook viewers. And, I have an ICC compile up. 🙂

25 Mar 2007

Developer Genes

Mae's Days

Ever since SecondLife went open-source with its client, I’ve wanted to do a 64-bit port of it. Well, I didn’t manage that one — too many libraries can’t be done in 64-bit — but I went and did the next best thing and compiled it with the Intel C++ Compiler, optimized for all the latest chips.
I took it to First Look Isle, and did the tests… on my Core 2 system, it came out almost twice (!) the standard FirstLook viewer’s framerates.
It seemed about as stable as the normal ones (which is to say, not very), but at least it doesn’t instantly crash or anything.
Anyhow, I’m releasing it for download if anyone wants to try. It’s just the standard SecondLife source code compiled with a better compiler. I’ll try to keep them updated as new SL versions come out. 🙂

10 Mar 2007

Site Reorganization

Site News

As I’m sure people have noticed, I reorganized the site today. This is now the front page, and all the links originally on the front page are now in the sidebar. Some paths changed, however old paths should continue to work, they’re linked over to the new ones.
Also, I added links to my other sites, and that little Flash icon pops up a media player to listen to the radio right from your browser using Adobe/Macromedia Flash.

08 Mar 2007

Voting time!

Site News

My first cheque from Google for advertising arrived today. I haven’t been paying attention to my account balance so didn’t notice it was coming, kinda caught me by surprise. Nice to be surprised in a good way for a change.
According to their terms, I’m not allowed to say how much it is… however, $60.63 will be donated to charity selected in the poll that’s now on the site!
To be honest, I looked around for more decent charities… came up a bit short… if you have one that isn’t in the list let me know, it’ll get both a link and a chance at donations.
I’ll run the poll until April 8th, to give wandering people a chance to give opinions. 🙂