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Ever since SecondLife went open-source with its client, I’ve wanted to do a 64-bit port of it. Well, I didn’t manage that one — too many libraries can’t be done in 64-bit — but I went and did the next best thing and compiled it with the Intel C++ Compiler, optimized for all the latest chips.
I took it to First Look Isle, and did the tests… on my Core 2 system, it came out almost twice (!) the standard FirstLook viewer’s framerates.
It seemed about as stable as the normal ones (which is to say, not very), but at least it doesn’t instantly crash or anything.
Anyhow, I’m releasing it for download if anyone wants to try. It’s just the standard SecondLife source code compiled with a better compiler. I’ll try to keep them updated as new SL versions come out. 🙂

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