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With the deed done, TERA thanked us publically for the donation on the front page of their site. They also wrote briefly about me and the Oblivion issue, which is actually more or less a virtual case of exactly what their charity exists to help.
So, I’d like to take this space to personally thank them (despite slight the risk of an infinite loop) both for thanking us, and for what they do in general, helping women be seen as equals to men in a clothing sense.

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3 Responses to “Thanking the Thanker”

  1. hmm, this is the first time i've seen something about TERA. fascinating stuff. i've got to be honest about this though: i wouldn't really know exactly why they/you're doing this. is it simply for the right to sunbathe topless wherever, or.. for showing off or something? or... what? could you please explain that to me? i'd be very grateful if you did. thanks.

    by the way, you seem really fascinating..

  2. ... ah, looks like i overdid that last posts. this blog page didn't really seem to like it..

    well, i've read what the TERA does.. and it's an interesting goal. i must say, i agree that this whole law is just a bit silly.
    do you really think there would be enough women around, willing to go through the trouble of doing anything about it?

    .. i'll stop now, before this comment gets chewed up and spit out into the trash can as well. bad blog, bad! 😉

  3. Where I live, it is actually legal to do right now. That being said, how often do I? Not very often. But it's nice to have the option of not wearing a shirt in the blazing summer sun without being arrested.
    Basically I support the right mostly for its own sake, and because the law otherwise is both silly and against the constitution of most "1st world" countries under the gender equality section.

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