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02 Sep 2007

Bored? Try this…

Site News

These have been around for a bit, but I haven’t mentioned either publically. I’ve added two other sites to the Maeyanie.com network, both online games.

For those who just want a simple browser-based game, or for those who remember the old BBS game Tradewars fondly, I now have a game of Alien Assault Traders running.

Or, if you prefer a nice pretty 3D graphical game, I have a Lineage 2 emulated server running as well. Don’t worry, I’m using the latest L2J emulator, which works with an unmodified client you can get from the official site, so it’s completely legal.

Both are 100% free, though donations are always welcome. As with all my sites, half of the money from advertising clicks and sales will go to charity.