No More than 5 Years — Guaranteed!

Mae's Days

How many Maes does it take to change a lightbulb? Just one, and not only does the bulb get changed, a blog post comes out of it.

When changing a lightbulb today, I noticed the following written on the package:
Lasts up to 5 Years

Guaranteed to last up to 5 years. But not more than that! In fact, if it doesn’t blow within 5 years, they’ll replace it with one that did, no charge!

For the curious, the bulb in question is a Philips Marathon fluorescent bulb for standard light sockets. The light it makes is fairly good, especially considering it’s only 15W. But we’ll see how long it lasts… 😉

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One Response to “No More than 5 Years — Guaranteed!”

  1. That's awesome! I need some 5 year bulbs for me and my room mate! Let me know if they are as advertised. I don't want any crappy 4 year bulbs.