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As some of you noticed, Hostmonster deactivated my account around a week ago, for having files on my account not complying with their terms of service.
After several back-and-forth helpdesk tickets where they searched my files for more things they didn’t like and I removed them, finally things are back up and running.
In other news, the ad on the left for them has been removed, as I would no longer personally recommend their hosting service.

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3 Responses to “Site Deactivation”

  1. Hey maemae. Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I'm late but at least I remembered!?


  2. Today, my hostmonster account got deactivated to some unknown reasons too. Do you think I'll be able to get back my data?
    I didn't do any porno or illegal stuff sharing.. I didn't do anything.. so far , I think I complied with their TOS.

  3. They were fairly understanding for me, and let me bring everything back into compliance... but I'm certainly keeping frequent backups now, and not trusting them with anything other than the trivial. I also definitely won't be renewing my account with them once this term runs out.
    I haven't given many details of what happened since, TBH, I think I have a decent legal case against them. But no lawyers seem interested so maybe I'm wrong. It's certainly ruined the stereotype anyhow. 😉 There may be a post in the future of exactly what happened, if I turn to the Court of Public Opinion.