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28 May 2008

SLI Requires No Special Code

Mae's Days

Being a MMO player, I run into a lot of people who honestly think they know what they’re talking about but really don’t. Today one such person claimed to have tested and proven SLI requires games to be specially written to use it, and most games get no benefit, just like multi-core CPUs.
Well, he’s right about multi-core CPUs. But completely wrong about SLI. To prove it, I grabbed a benchmark from before NVIDIA SLI was introduced (which was in 2004), 3DMark03.

These are my results with SLI disabled in the drivers (both cards still in the system):


And these are my results with SLI enabled, no other changes:


As you can see, there’s a HUGE benefit in every area where the 3D card applies, even something as simple as the fill rate tests. I strongly suspect the same applies to ATI’s Crossfire, but I can’t prove it, as I don’t have any of the hardware required.

However, this is the last time I spend over an hour jumping through hoops just to educate someone.

15 May 2008


Site News

When Google made me accept their new license agreement, I happened to notice in it that they have AdSense Video now. Curious, I decided to look into that.
Basically what happens, I put an applet here which plays random YouTube videos, and they pay for it. I’m including one in this post. If it does well, it might become a permanent fixture. If not, it’ll vanish into the old posts archive, never to be seen again (except by spambots).
As always, 50% of any revenue this generates goes to charity.

I am seeing one problem right off though… it’s slightly wider than this column. 🙂