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Yes, I Know I said I wasn’t going to release any more nudity mods. But what the heck, if I’m making it anyhow I may as well. Here’s a couple of topfree (aka topless) mods for Sacred 2: Fallen Angel.

Underwear Mod for v2.12.0 – When all clothing is removed, the characters are in their officially-supplied underwear instead of starting outfits.
This is needed for any of the topfree mods to work, since those replace the underwear skins with their own.
It does work in multiplayer, including with an unmodded client and in Closed mode. It appears to work with other versions too, but may cause crashes or strange results if you find an item that didn’t exist in 2.12.0.
if you have another version, or want to remove other clothing items, it’s a relatively simple modification to do on your own. I’ve posted a quick Sacred 2: Removing Clothes Howto.

Topfree Elf – When the Elf is in her underwear, the breast covers are removed. Because really, how many of us have those stuck to our skin?

Topfree Dryad – This one just had to happen. Let’s face it; the Dryad parading around au naturale is just… well, naturale. She’s the only one I would actually consider putting completely naked. But no, this is just an equality site; while the men come wearing bottoms, so do the women.

Eventually I’ll get around to doing the Seraphim, but that’s it for now. If it gets requested, I may get around to doing her topfree (aka “topless”) mod sooner. 🙂

Here’s some pictures of what they look like:
High Elf

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15 Responses to “Sacred 2 Mods”

  1. I did a google search and found your Sacred 2 skins. Nice work. Please join us at http://www.gamevixenzone.com

    We have Sacred 2 skins for teh Seraphim, dryad, high elf, and NPCs posted there.

  2. Thanks for the offer, but I personally hate forums. You're welcome to repost or link them there however.

  3. Is there a way to make it work with the elite version of sacred 2?


  4. It should work set to elite textures, I think. Can't test it, since my video card can't handle them, but I put in hq versions of the textures, so it should.

    Though, actually, it won't work with textures set to low. But you can make it work like that by creating a new "lq" (that's lowercase L, not uppercase i) directory beside the others it makes, and copying the "mq" files there. And hope one set of too-high-quality textures won't kill your video card. 🙂

  5. Got it working. Thanks alot looks awesome.

  6. ok i have no problem getting them down to their undies,im pretty handy with modifying the managers files, but where do i stick the dds files?

  7. found it ( i think) but it wouldnt be a bad idea to put some instruction for ppl who arent experienced at modding games

  8. lol you are funny, i mean the comments about the mods lol, you so right! XD

  9. by any chance, with the Seraphim topless one be released anytime soon? xD

  10. nice work, but I have a question. How do I get rid of the annoyingly bright yellow light all the females seem to have around there feet. It kinda looks like there farting yellow light 😀

  11. Oo! Kool! I have download this mod and its great.

  12. why not go all nude and not just topless. We want to see it all and for the shadow warrior or male characters too. But really somebody should make a mod where you can equip any clothing in the game on every character. Would make the female characters look hotter because they could wear sexier items especially for the dryad who only gets ugly equipment in sacred 2.

  13. Good work but can u make a full nude top and bottom

  14. I haven't played Sacred 2 in years... I haven't even had it installed in years. No further mods are coming. Sorry.

  15. gday, i have some q's.
    how to remove that disturbing yellow bright light around the character?

    probably you should install that game and try it by yourself.
    its naked, ok.. good.. but it affect in the gameplay, they move very slow than in the basic clothes.

    hope you can fix it, thanks.