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18 Dec 2008

Efficient IPTables PeerGuardian Blocklist

Mae's Days

I like being watched as little as the next girl. But so far, the only Linux-based automatic PeerGuardian blocklist updater I’ve seen has been horribly inefficient, using over 200,000 individual iptables rules. It takes forever to parse, and can seriously slow down a low-end system.

I thought to myself, “here has to be a better way.” And, of course… there is. Here’s how.

18 Dec 2008

Sacred 2: Removing Clothes Howto


As part of a previous post, Sacred 2 Mods, I posted a modified items file for version 2.12.0 to remove basic no-clothes outfits and turn them into the game’s default underwear, or less if you have a underwear-changing mod.

For those with a different version, or who want to remove more clothes than just the birthday suits, here’s how.