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29 Nov 2007

Comment Spam

Mae's Days

I may be short on human readers, but the spam bots sure know about this place. There’s several spam comments a day sent here, most days.
Mostly Akismet or the word thingy catch them, but every now and then I get prompted to moderate one.
Oddly they’re almost all for the review posts. I wonder if they trigger on some keyword in those as a good spammable subject or something.

01 Oct 2007

Review: ATI TV Wonder 650

Mae's Days

Ok, so, I really wanted to play FFX and FFXII. They’re only for Playstation 2. I can borrow one of those, but I’m short a TV. So what do I decide? Time to finally break down and buy myself a TV tuner card. Then I can play it on my computer, plus watch (and record) TV sometimes, should I want to.

After poking through various review sites and looking at the options (there aren’t really all that many) it seemed the ATI TV Wonder 650 PCI was the best quality for a reasonable price. Seemed like a good choice.

Well… I was half right.


16 Apr 2007

Thanking the Thanker

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With the deed done, TERA thanked us publically for the donation on the front page of their site. They also wrote briefly about me and the Oblivion issue, which is actually more or less a virtual case of exactly what their charity exists to help.
So, I’d like to take this space to personally thank them (despite slight the risk of an infinite loop) both for thanking us, and for what they do in general, helping women be seen as equals to men in a clothing sense.

28 Mar 2007

On the subject…

Mae's Days

I should mention, since those are being compiled with the Intel C++ compiler, obviously, people with Intel processors will get the most benefit. Especially people with newer chips, such as Pentium 4, Pentium M, and Core 2 series chips. However, AMD processors will still benefit over the standard Microsoft compiler — in fact, some AMD benchmark results at SPEC are done with the Intel compiler.

Also, SL 1.14.0 is finally out, the result of months of FirstLook viewers. And, I have an ICC compile up. 🙂

25 Mar 2007

Developer Genes

Mae's Days

Ever since SecondLife went open-source with its client, I’ve wanted to do a 64-bit port of it. Well, I didn’t manage that one — too many libraries can’t be done in 64-bit — but I went and did the next best thing and compiled it with the Intel C++ Compiler, optimized for all the latest chips.
I took it to First Look Isle, and did the tests… on my Core 2 system, it came out almost twice (!) the standard FirstLook viewer’s framerates.
It seemed about as stable as the normal ones (which is to say, not very), but at least it doesn’t instantly crash or anything.
Anyhow, I’m releasing it for download if anyone wants to try. It’s just the standard SecondLife source code compiled with a better compiler. I’ll try to keep them updated as new SL versions come out. 🙂