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28 Mar 2008

Kate Beckinsale on why she’d rather eat vag than sushi


I read a post by this title on another site, cele|bitchy (yeah, the name is what attracted me). The author there seems to strongly disagree with the statement.
Personally, I’m on Kate’s side. And yes, I’ve tried sushi. First time I liked it. Every time I’ve had it since then, I’ve liked it less and less. Now, well, there’s an awful lot of things I’d rather eat.
It’s not the “slimy” fish or whatever that turns me off. It’s the seaweed wrapper which has a lot more in common with electrical tape than anything else.
Kate adds, “At least a vagina would be warm.” I’d have to agree on that one too. Plus, in addition to being warm, it’s sweet tasting, and tends to return the favour. Can’t say that about sushi. Only complaint I have is a mouthful of hair is a real turn-off.

11 Dec 2006

PPC Search Engines


Ok, I just have to wonder… these PPC search engines… does ANYONE actually use one to find things? They seem completely silly. Why would an advertiser waste money on a site like this one? Admittedly that was about the worst one I could find, but there’s plenty of others with no sorting whatsoever, just random keywords all over the site. I can’t imagine anyone using something like that except in a click exchange type program, which is basically just stealing advertisers’ money.