All of these scripts are in SPK format, so will need the X3 Plugin Manager to install. I do set all the stuff so package auto-update and find new packages will work for my scripts.
By the way, I'm not posting these on the Egosoft forums. It's nothing against them, I just hate forums. If anyone wants to link to them and/or this page, that's fine with me. You can e-mail me with any problems/questions/whatever.

X3: Terran Conflict

Mae's Combat Scripts v1.00
New combat-related ship commands:

Mae's Trade Scripts v1.00
New trade-related ship commands:

Mae's Mining Scripts v1.00 (X3TC Edition)
X3TC updated version. Auto-beam-up-asteroids works WAY better than it did in X3:R due to TC's not needing your hold open and shields down to pick up items. Otherwise it's the same scripts, see below.

X3: Reunion

Mae's Mining Scripts v1.00
Contains 3 scripts: Auto Scan Asteroids, Auto Beam-Up Asteroids, and Turret Break Rocks.